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NI Parking Ticket Scam

NI Parking Ticket Scam

Last week I went to my friends mothers funeral in Lisburn I got caught in some traffic and just arrived a few mins before the start of it I went into the public car park and payed for 5 hours car parking.

The car park was in Governors Road Lisburn.  After the service I drove to the graveyard parked the car along a country road with a  mile of other cars. When I got back from the graveyard I saw this fixed penalty notice stuck on my windscreen. I was astounded as I was the only person with a FPN and could not believe the cheek of these people.

After I got home I discovered I was given the ticket in the public car park but did not notice it, let’s face it when you park in a public car park and pay for 5 hours parking and only stay one hour the last thing you expect to get is a Fixed Penalty Ticket especially when you are at a funeral.  How low life are these scum sucking corporations who profit from this going under the guise of government so everyone will comply or obey every rule no matter how stupid or rediculous it is.

After fucking up my day even more immediately after a funeral these low life scum suckers  printed pictures of me parked over the line in the car park.  Yes indeed this is what gives them the right after me paying to be there to send me a £90 Parking Ticket for the privilidge.

I have no intention of paying these low life scumbags so good luck to them obtaining their £90.

Sorry I am not a 90 year old granny who bows to government theft and terrorism with my fuc*ing drawers down.

The truth is the money you pay for all these made up scams doesn’t go where you think it does, and only by you complying with these scumbags they get away with it.




Here is another scam for getting ripped off by parking over the lines so make sure you take measurements when parking in car parks and walk round the car to make sure you aren’t over any of the lines if you aren’t wanting ripped off by their latest scam.




If you want to find out the truth about the Government fines and corporations and why they can shit all over everyone .


Then Watch this video here.


If you are having problems being ripped off or are in debt over unfair fees and corporate rip offs join the FB group Below to find out what you can do about it

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NI Parking Ticket Scam

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