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Mercedes 124 Dashboard Lights Not Working

How To Save A Fortune On Car Repairs

It Helps When You Know How To Save A Fortune On Car Repairs

Do you know what it is like something stops working in your car and you are wondering what do I do now?  Who will be able to fix it? Will they charge me an absolute fortune, because I have no idea what needs done to fix it.

Well if you are someone who doesn’t mind a little light tinkering and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty.  Or you just want to know exactly what the problem is with your car then this is what you need to do.

Although it is very simple there are still many people who don’t do it yet.   You could Google the problem but sometimes Google doesn’t come up with the right answers or there are too many adverts for big companies.


So all you do is head over to YouTube.Com and type in the year make model and problem you are having in your car if it doesn’t get you the right answer try a few combinations so far there seems to be an answer for most questions.

I was taking my Mercedes124 Diesel for an MOT Tomorrow and took it to get valeted when I went out to check the lights this evening I noticed the dashboard lights where off even if the lights outside where working perfectly.  So first I checked the fuses in case any of them had blown a fuse and then when they where all good it was time to check out You Tube.

I typed into You Tube Mercedes 124 Dashboard lights nor working and up popped the video below.


Turned out when the woman was cleaning the dashboard she must have hit the switch and turned the dashboard lights off by mistake.

But thanks to You Tube once again I found the answer quickly and easily.    Of course we all like to be able to trust everyone but there are some unscrupulous people out there.  If you have no idea what is wrong with your car , your house or anything else in many cases some of them may take advantage of you and overcharge you..  The great thing about You Tube is you can find out what the problem is what you need or how to fix it and then your local autoparts supplier and get a price for the part and also quototations to do it or if it simple like many of them are.  Then you can do it yourself and probably save yourself a fortune in the process. 🙂


How To Save A Fortune On Car Repairs

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